The Work Starts Here

The first stage is to get the van insulated with some acoustic thermal insulation, this will help to keep us warm when we are out and about, and also help to keep the road noise down whilst on our travels.  We bought the Foto Bus knowing that there was no insulation underneath the grey carpet panels which had been done by the previous owner, however as the panels were removed, it was revealed that this someone had made an attempt to provide some insulation, albeit a rather minimal “Attempt”.  Therefore before the job could start, the previously completed efforts had to be removed to make way for shiny new insulation.

The insulation is self adhesive, foil back foam which is 7mm thick.  It has been stuck onto all accessible areas, and we have made sure that we got not all of those hard to reach places as you can see in the video below.



Insulation from Kiravans